Dating a new kind of house & creating a new kind of home.

When we first saw Number 62 pop up on Rightmove, it was an instant ‘thumbs down’ from me. Yes it ticked all the boxes…End terrace, 3 bedrooms, long garden, a short walk to town, blah blah…but boy was it ugly! It just wasn’t our ‘type’!
Ex-housing association. White (old dirty white) PVC doors and windows. No plants & trees. No parking. Dodgey neighbours. My list of ‘No’s’ was endless.

At the time, we were living in Number 15, our sweetpea [with very low ceilings] country cottage…beautiful views across fields, with nothing but clear fenland skies stretching ahead, giving us the most beautiful sunrises out front, and sunsets out back. It had a gorgeous old Walnut tree, an Apple tree and rambling brambles along one side.

Sky, heavenly sky!
Sky, heavenly sky! The view from our bedroom window

Inside we’d renovated every room. Ross had built the kitchen, added an Orangery on the back & built bespoke dressers, tables and shelving units throughout. We’d reconfigured upstairs to give us 3 generous bedrooms, with fitted wardrobes and a new bathroom.

So why move?

We were in the middle of nowhere. Situated in the heart of a village, we felt anything but a part of it. Working in London, I’d be up & out the house for 12 hours a day. Ross was still in the start-out phase of his business and working solo in his garden workshop. We visited friends around the country at weekends, and didn’t ever really feel a sense of connection to village life. [We did, however, have the most wonderful neighbours…but they are another story completely!]

In 2010 I ditched my career, I’d handed over my company car, left the rat-race and landed with a massive bump. Miles away from anything, I was lonely. The home we thought we loved, just didn’t support us. We’d gone as far as we were going to go with it, so we started searching.

New-builds. Old period homes. Out of town. Central Town.  And we just kept coming back to 62. It was stucturally sound. It was totally within buget. It had all the appeal of needing a complete overhaul. So Ross persuaded me to just go take a look.

Our first date was ok. It made me smile, the ceilings were a good height…I could stretch up here & still have room to grow! The family living there, although totally not our cup of tea, had obviously loved the house in their own way. Life-sized Family Guy cartoons peeked out behind the door upstairs. Vivid colours popped in every room. A newly fitted MFI kitchen, gleamed at us, aching to be ripped right back out!

There was something so strangely appealing about it. We stood in the [very long] garden and smiled.


So, several viewings later…a very long drawn out exchange process (to block the joint access across our garden)…we took ownership of Number 62.

We’ve been together a little over 2 years…and I thank the stars daily that we said YES!

This blog will share the story of how we turned this house into our home…and hopefully inspire you to say YES to things that are maybe just a little out of your comfort zone! I find they’re often the things that bring you a happiness you couldn’t even imagine! Welcome!

Jess x


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