Meeting the Fabulous 5ftinf – A Brighton Flower Workshop

@5ftinf’s Instagram feed  is unmistakable…she spends her morning picking a party from the garden to spread over her kitchen table. The blooms, leaves and other bits light up like fireworks of colour!

IMG_1061 IMG_1062 IMG_1063 IMG_1064

When Philippa Stanton {aka 5ftinf} offered spaces for her Brighton workshop, I jumped at the chance! And what a fun & inspiring day we had!

IMG_1039 IMG_1048

We started the day with Tea…lots and lots of tea! Surrounded by buckets of blooms, berries & branches, and heaving trestle tables of interesting props, vintage collections of cards, books, cutlery and other cute kitchenalia. We were all in 5ftinf heaven! Philippa gave us a wonderful insight into her inspiration, her family & recalled stories of her Granny Beryl’s Flower Club.

IMG_1049 IMG_1038

We were each provided with our own amazing little wooden trestle {much like Philippa’s famous kitchen table}. Combined with her gentle approach, the beautiful array of flowers, it meant we all managed to create our own piece of 5ftinf inspired art.

A rainbow of foliage, berries, ferns and thistles…

For more information, and to keep an eye on upcoming courses see 5ftinf’s new {beautiful} website…

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