‘Love Bake Nourish’ our go-to recipe book for ‘sweet’ treats • Anzac Biscuits •


“In an ocean of baking books this book is something new. It is an aspirational, yet very achievable, collection of recipes to guide you through baking in a more nourishing way.” {Love Bake Nourish – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Bake-Nourish-Healthier-puddings/dp/0857831674/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415907272&sr=8-1&keywords=love+bake+nourish }

Amber Rose has compiled a selection of beautiful looking, tasty and, for the most part, healthy sweet treats. She weaves a helpful knowledge of ingredients with an array of easy-to-follow recipes and lovingly captures her creations with a beautiful balance of photos.


Her Anzacs are a staple in TrentHQ…being just the right mix of sweet & crunchy, they’re bite size biscuits, easy to snaffle with every cuppa!



Last year, knowing I was trying to return to my sugar-free world, my gorgeous friend Rach bought me this book for my birthday…& what a sweet treat it’s been! Being busy & desperate to keep myself going, without reaching for handfuls of pre-packed dark choc digestives, I was struggling to whizz up sweet treats without the use of copious amounts of sugar & chocolate.
This beautiful book has reminded me that it really is quick & easy to bake using sugar alternatives such as honey, fruit & maple syrup. I’ll share my 3 year voyage away from sugar another time.

Happy baking x

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