Drying flowers in water • retaining the colour •

This whole year seems to have been one long beautiful dedication to flowers in all their floral lovliness. So what better way to retain some of their magic for winter, then drying them out.

While at the 5ftinf flower workshop {link here} Philippa suggested we dry out flowers in a vase of water. She had accidentally discovered, having left hydrangeas in water while she went as on holiday, that allowing the flowers to dry slowly allowed them to retain more colour.


So when I bought these gorgeous blushing autumnal roses at the market, a fortnight ago, I couldn’t resist trying this out.




Aren’t they gorgeous?! Perfect for keeping & playing around with.

A little floral wreath, to celebrate the {fast} approaching season…


Happy ‘drying’ & happy weekend x

Since posting this I also created a little Steller story showing how to create a dried flower wreath…jump over to this link to join in!

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