A Christmas Cake Tradition

So we have this tradition in our little Family T…every year around Oct/Nov we bake a Christmas cake.

Every year the recipe reflects whatever fruit we’ve been scrumping, nuts or additional ingredients are collected depending on where we are. The years we lived in the country, with a walnut tree in the garden, we, of course included them in the cake. Each year, the recipe is tweaked & recorded in my little book.


Last year was the special first Christmas of our daughter, & so the recipe reflected this. She wasn’t going to be old enough to be eating any of it yet, so there were some good gluggs of port & brandy in it, along with apples from the garden that we collected in the weeks after her birth.


This year, Lulu will be joining in on the eating of the cake…so for the first time we’ve gone booze free, choosing to soak the fruits in Earl Grey Tea instead.


We had a lot of fun with this one & I can see this tradition will get better year on year!

What Christmas traditions do you have, I’d love to hear?! Feel free to drop us a comment in the box below…

Jess x

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