It started with a kiss… • our home renovation introduction •

“For me home is simply about shelter, in all manners of speaking. It’s a place of rest & refuge, a place where I can play, relax, unwind or create – home is the place that replenishes my soul.” [Pia Jane Bijkerk]
We kissed our posessions goodbye {packed into storage} and began our forth journey home bound. Our purpose, to create another new nest & garden workshop. It was hello to Trent renovation project number 4!

We crossed the threshold into our new home {62} & realised that it was anything but ‘home’. Dark, empty, cold and pretty rough around the edges, it was definitely a house. But {lucky/crazy} for us, we’d done it all before.

Like any adventure, this project is different from our previous up-do’s. It’s been jam-packed full of love, a pregnancy, a birth. It’s full of knowing we want to stay a while & grow some roots (we’ve never lived anywhere longer than 3 years). And brilliantly, we can now utilise a decade’s worth of renovation experience.

So, over the next 3 days, we’ll share our home so far. We’ll show a little of what the house looked like before, and how we’ve transformed it into our ‘home’.


We hope to give you a flavour of what we’ve been up to, to give our future posts a little context, and to show that a little hard work, a lot of love faith & courage can get you a long way towards living with love in your home!

TrentHQ x

Ps. A sneek peek into tomorrow’s post, the kitchen…



See you tomorrow! x

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