Our Kitchen • a room full of utility •

“A kitchen has to be pretty. That’s important to me, but even more important is that it has to be functional, well thought out and carefully designed.” [Fernanda Bourlot, designer]
I can’t remember a time before having this beautiful kitchen. I think I blank it out!

When we moved into our little three-bed end terrace, the whole house was in need of love. We poured all our money, energy & skills into the rest of the house & left this until last. I’m so pleased we did. It meant we could really live with the {very little} space, to come up with the most functional & aesthetically beautiful design possible.

The previous galley-style kitchen {with full depth units on either side of kitchen} was so narrow the cupboard doors didn’t fully open! The first thing we did was to remove all the doors & live with open lower units, until we could replace the layout entirely.

Lucky for us the kitchen was already light with windows running the length of the room, however it felt dingy & claustrophobic due to a crazy (& pointlessly) low ceiling. We ripped it down & gained an extra ft of head height (important to someone of my loftiness, of course!)


The cherry-looking work tops are iroko.
A beautiful deep honey-coloured wood, it is sourced from West Africa. You can find out more http://www.norfolkoak.com/worktops/iroko-worktops/

We like to mix things up a little, so we were unconcerned that our sweet vintage pine plate rack doesn’t match the iroko. We’ve had it with us in all 4 of our previous kitchens & this time she got a ‘framed’ face lift!


To make full use of all wall space we designed a shallow mini dresser & it’s proved great for cups & spoons…a tea station!


Probably the most successful element of the kitchen, is the cooker hood over our full width range. It took a lot do careful planning to ensure we had it the right height above the gas, but low enough to incorporate extraction. And it’s a handy shelf for our pans to boot!


Finally, our only upper cupboard was designed to echo the shape & size of the plate rack to create a gentle symmetry to the kitchen. It’s cheeky magnetic strip running underneath has been a fantastic way to loose the knife block & keep them well away from little fingers.


We’re often asked what colour the cabinets are, and I’m sorry not to be able to share (not because I don’t want to, of course!). It was a happy accident. While priming the units, Ross was using up the ends of a few different tins of paint, and stumbled on this bluey/grey tone by pure luck! We loved the first coat so much, he took a painted drawer front into Travis Perkins & got it colour matched! {so much for us sticking to F&B or Earthborn! Sorry friends!}

So you see, a whole pile of careful planning went into our kitchen adventure, but we still stumbled upon a couple of happy accidents along the way. That’s the way we work best I think. We like a journey to be mapped out, but with the freedom to change our plans along the way.

Our home is an ever evolving creature! As we discovered with our living space…pop back tomorrow as we welcome you into our front room.


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