Our Playroom • a creative cozy nook •

“Allow yourself the patience to know it will all come together in time and enjoy the process! For me home decor is not a goal, but a continually evolving & kinetic art project.” [Amy Butler]

The second space within our open-plan living area is where our comfy sofa is, it’s where we snuggle up as a family. It’s where we read, lulu plays with toys & books. And it’s somewhere I can play creatively with styling shelves & mantles.


We created this wrap-around mantle shelf above the sofa to frame the corner & give us somewhere to pop cups of tea & playfully faff with seasonal decoration.
It’s an all round cute corner of our home…but one which was a loooonnng time coming.

I’m not sure we even have photos from the demolition stage of this part of the room…it was brown carpet, swirly plastered ceilings & felt like a corridor of a room. The old doorway was located where our mirror hangs.

We are so lucky that this space has evolved & worked out, so that not only do we have comfortable {& more grown up} family living room in the front part of the ground floor, we also have this cozy area in the back.

Just across from this area is our main fireplace, with our gorgeous wood burning stove…and another {Ross designed/created} modern mantle. This is secretly one of my most fave spots in the house.

We didn’t even know the amazing fireplace existed when we moved in, and to have it now standing so proudly is such an achievement.

Hanging above the mantle is the first print we ever bought as a couple {back in 2003!} from Laura Ashley in Bath. Back then, as we are now, we were drawn together by architectural design, so this classic print has always taken pride of place in our homes.

So there we have it. This has been a lovely few days of sharing our ground floor…as it has evolved so far. But it’s not done. It’s not finished. That’s the fun! For us, the home is our canvas. It’s where we create & where we love.

With two very creative minds in the home, you can be sure there’ll be projects a plenty to share & stories to tell. So thank you for coming along as we share our Cabinet Maker’s Love Tale.

TrentHQ x

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