Floral Christmas Tree

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold everything is softer and more beautiful {Norman Vincent Peale}

When I was about 15, my parents let me have a Christmas Tree in my bedroom. It was the best gift ever!

Looking back now, I realise they were only too pleased for me to take the tiny 3ft, slightly wonky, puny & plastic {!} tree, & hide it out of sight upstairs.
I filled it with lights & made sweet little decorations to make it pretty. It was so cute.
Even now I’m grown up, I still like to sprinkle a bit of imagination on something to make it come alive. So when I found this little, ex-window display, plastic tree at the local recycling centre, I couldn’t resist bringing it to life with a few fresh flowers!

It’s a floral triumph!


That’s what decorating/styling means to me. Taking something ordinary to make it extraordinary.
For me, that’s the true magic of Christmas. The chance to fill our homes with imagination & wonder.
I have no idea what I got for Christmas that teenage year, but the evenings I spent, just before going to bed, when it was just me & the twinkly lights was pure magic. So silent, so holy, so bright!

Wishing you a happy season sprinkling your homes with magic…x

If you’d like to see a tutorial for this tree…pop over to STELLER {available in the App Store} or click here to view
Check out my Steller story

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