Inviting inspriation over imitation

It is far better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.  Herman Melville

I was graced with the most wonderful praise for this blog today. Albeit from friends, (& I don’t know why I automatically assume ‘they’re just being nice’). But one in particular really struck a chord. She asked me to stay true to myself. “Don’t go looking out to too many other bloggers.” she said. Not because they are bad. But because she appreciates my style. My style, as it is. Without comparison, without format and without trying too hard. It really was the best compliment.
So often with our home, I always assume I need to add more. Make it different, look at how others do it and create something like this or that. I love looking to Elle Deco or Living Etc for current trends & product ideas. I follow a myriad of blogs {mainly american ones} on bloglovin’ to get ideas for home styling & decoration.
But increasingly, I’m learning to trust my instinct. We’ve successfully renovated 4 homes in 10 years…I think I can trust we know what we’re doing!

Like the current trend for muted tones and gentle monochrome stylings. I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful moody images recently, I appreciate them, and their creators, but I’ve found myself feeling like I need to recreate them in my home…and quite honestly, it’s not me. I love gentle colours, but I need pops of brightness too.

The best things we’ve ever achieved with our homes, are things we have created organically. Allowed to happen, and not to copy or imitate. I’m not saying I don’t follow Pintrest, Instagram & Steller {to name but a few} for inspiration – of course!

But I’m starting to see a difference now, between inspiration and imitation.

Imitation once told me to have a sensible job, a house with ‘character’. Imitation told me to mother by the book, & spend my money on sensible things.

Inspiration allows me to fill myself with things I love, to fill our home with things we love. Inspiration allows me to ‘just be’ a mother, to follow my heart.
I am beyond grateful. It means we live a life we love, in a home we love…and that’s really all I’ve ever dreamed of.

To offer a little snippet into my world of inspiration, I’ll be writing 5 mini posts this week, in celebration of the {very simple} things that have inspired me most this year…

…the first will honour our beloved Old Fire Engine {a very english art gallery/tearoom, where I like to go for coffee!} x

2 thoughts on “Inviting inspriation over imitation

  1. What a wonderful honest post. And so true. I find myself looking at beautiful minimalist interiors, styling, images etc and feeling like I should be ‘more like them’. But in the end we all have to let our own voice shine through, in order to stand out. You are doing a wonderful job of this and are a natural when it comes to blogging. Plus you’ve got a lovely aesthetic, I think you’ll find people wanting to copy your style. Carrying on as you are, you’re doing a grand job! X

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