Simple Pleasures – Life’s Treasures

I spent years dating AMT, Nero, Pret, {&, believe me, I still like the odd dalliance} but I have fallen so in love with the charms of the Old Fire Engine, that no paper cup can match the bone china coffee affair I’ve enjoyed here, most weeks, since leaving work {& commuting} last year.
It all began in the Summer of 2013…a hefty waddling pregnant me was signed off work at 28 weeks with a severe form of pelvic displacement. I couldn’t go far, so when my mum arranged my baby shower at the local tearoom, I was only too grateful to be able to  be dropped off and waddle into the garden.

It was love at first sight.

The Old Fire Engine House is an art gallery, restaurant, tea room and {to me} so much more.

The former fire station house was built in the 1700’s and retains all its english charm. Inside, a maze of dinky rooms to choose from, and outside, a beautiful well-kept walled garden.

Set in the shadow of the cathedral, this little spot has been our simple pleasure this year. The ever blooming garden, keeps us seasonally grounded. Its where lily took her first steps, its where she slept some of her first naps, its where she picked some of her first flowers. It’s where I’ve enjoyed many a morning cup of coffee.

Now it’s chilly, we stay inside. Upstairs a cozy {child-friendly} living room boasts baskets of books, retro loved-through-the-years treasures; a wooden goat with little leather ears, a plastic till with ring-a-ding buttons, shape sorters, tractor trucks…just the right amount of trinket toys to keep little hands busy while mummy gets to drink coffee, chat to friends, or generally take 5 to sneak a peek at the ever changing art gallery.

It’s a time capsule, and yet so completely modern. The restaurant, locally sourcing all its produce, is run from the open-plan kitchen…which is where a lucky few of us get served coffee in the mornings. I say lucky few, as it seems to be one of Ely’s best kept secrets; they don’t advertise their morning openings.

I’m not saying there will be an Old Fire Engine in everyone’s home town/village. But take the time to investigate. Look at the things you do regularly, and make sure you enjoy the experience. I’m learning hidden gems are ‘hidden’ for a reason. So treasured, people keep these simple pleasures close to their hearts. We like to share.

Are there any hidden gems where you live? Care to share in the comments below…x


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