When work became play…

Follow your heart…it will always guide you home.

The Eel Catchers Daughter
…it had me at the name. I took one glance at the swirly calligraphy freshly applied to the windows, and had to open the door. I say open, it was more of an excited fling! The shop wasn’t even open yet – the waft of fresh paint flew at me. Helen, {as we were quickly introduced} held a paintbrush in hand & a beaming smile on her face.  There was gushing from me about how Ely was ‘crying out’ for a shop like this…& modest invitations from her to come check out the opening, the following week.

We had an immediate ‘click’. Fuelled {probably by Fire Engine Coffee} but also by my growing habit to trust my instincts. I loved the look of the shop and so had to say something…and I’m just so glad I did!

That was just over a year ago…and what a year its been.

The Eel Catchers Daughter now sits neatly on the High Street, in the beautiful old Monastic Buildings behind the Cathedral. The Cherry Hill chocolate shop on one side, and the Ely Cathedral shop on the other, she shines out like a beacon to both local residents and tourists alike.

A beautifully stocked visual feast, Helen carefully mixes well known lifestyle brands such as Nkuku and The Bath House with locally produced art, paintings, baskets, ceramics, soft furnishings, all created by over 20 {very} local artists.
{Ross Trent Cabinet Maker being one of them!}

And for me, after many a visit & chatting to Helen about my background in window dressing, it was such a treat to design the whimsical trees that sit in each of her windows. They display the unusual array of stock beautifully. In fact, it was partly this commission from Helen that kick-started my belief in my creativity again {having resigned from my creative career with Monsoon 3 years previously} …we were meant to meet. I was meant to fling that door!

A magnificent women with a magnificent heart that quite literally beats through the shop,  Helen makes you feel like you just came home. She’ll cringe when she reads this, but I can’t thank her {and a couple of other amazing girls in my life} enough for the faith she has put back into me about following my heart. Hold those things around you that you love, keep them close and everything else will just fall into place.

A year from our first meeting, and now I open The Eel Catcher’s Daughter on Sundays and Tuesdays, to ‘play’ with the stock, have fun with the customers and generally keep up the good vibes she sets the rest of the week through. It’s always been an ambition of mine to have my own shop, but with our little family and a focus on our home life, playing shop for someone so dear, is second to none.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that flurried introduction…you know how you just know with some people {the most important ones} that you’re gonna have an adventure together! I’m so happy to be joining her on such an easy, fun-filled, joyful journey in a shop with such a heart-happy amazing owner!!
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4 thoughts on “When work became play…

  1. I have just flung open the door of your beautiful blog & I feel a little breathless & excited & serendipitous myself. Its gorgeous, your writing is beautiful you capture the creative process so eloquently. I am just starting on a blogging/creative journey of my own. I fear I’m a little Bambi esque in my first steps. Most exciting of all (for me at least) is I live 10miles from Ely towards St Ives. Its so wonderful to know there are creative spirits so close by in this wonderful, global internet world. I shall definitely stop by this charming shop next time I am in Ely.

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