Styling the Seasons : Quietening the home

It’s like taking your make up off after a fabulous party. The big cleanse after Christmas is always so so satisfying…taking down all the jewels and decorations, cleaning down the surfaces and generally quietening the home after all the razzamatazz of ‘party season’.

Joining in again with Katy from Apartment Apocathery & Charlotte from Lotts & Lots I’ve taken some time this afternoon to style our living room mantle.

Our January styling the seasons mantle is calm, quiet and generally a reflection of our desire to hunker down, rest and regain balance. Just like those sweet snuggling penguins…a commission for Ross’ first Fathers Day last summer, from my dear friend Kate… Kate Aldridge Art

Candles are a must at this time of year, so we’re fully stocked, as we spend evenings cozied up, wrapped in blankets with the log burner glowing.

The yarn bobbins remain, (see December’s styling the season here) although I’ve used slightly more muted colours. These little props are such a sweet nod to homey makes.
Like any home lover, I like to create throughout the year, but there’s something about January that always sends me into craft overdrive! I’m currently tinkering with some laundry storage bags…

The vintage silver box was a wedding gift. It holds the printing blocks we used for our guest’s name tags. {I can hardly believe that magical day was 9 years ago this year!}

And finally, the beaded garland…I couldn’t bear to loose her! The make up is off, the decks are cleared, but in the absence of pretty blooms in this styling, {well, the fire would just dry them out!} I’m keeping the pretty pearls for another month!

As ever, the mantle was lovingly made and installed by Ross…a gorgeous example of his work. To see more, tap his tab in the menu bar above.

Happy January, happy hunkering and happy styling x



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