Copper Blush – interior trend 2015

Today I’m jumping on a train to visit Top Drawer in London.

Bringing together an inspirational showcase of thousands of carefully selected British and international suppliers and designer-makers, Top Drawer is London’s largest design-led gift trade event.

It’s an Eel Catchers Daughter {the shop I work in} trip, and as such we’ve all been doing a little trend spotting in preparation.

Amongst the Marsala {Pantone’s colour for 2015} and pale blue/metallic grey trends, I keep spying a warm pinky palette: ‘copper blush’.

There’s a fantastic article written by Home Girl London if you;d like to know more.

But for now, here’s our little take on the trend…

Copper blush chrysanthemums in our living room & mixing our metals with chrome lantern & copper frame.

A few blooms on the kitchen mini-dresser, where the iroko worktops bring a lovely copper element to the room.

…& check out the £4 bargain colander in Sainsburys last week!

Upstairs, my gorgeous copper frame from Nkuku {Christmas present from Ross} hangs beautifully from the mirror he made me. {The Eel Catchers Daughter stocks Nkuku, including these frames}.

It’s a subtle nod to the trend, and even our little drawers look copper toned!

Finally we head back downstairs, to our cozy nook. Where I’ve pulled together a copper blush vignette using some of my favourite snail mail & vintage bottles. Loving this colour combination….

Trendy or not, these beautiful coppery tones give a lovely warmth to an otherwise freezing month!

Have you had a dabble with copper yet?! I’d love to hear how you’ve used it x

4 thoughts on “Copper Blush – interior trend 2015

  1. I love, love, love this post and the ideas, Jess! Combination of white and gentle earthy colours is simply perfect. This is approximately the direction we wanted to go with our future house (moving in this Spring!), all white walls and then wonderful gentle and peaceful accents inside. I can’t wait to experiment. 🙂


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