Daily Play • Instagram challenges •

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I’m partial to the odd daily photo styling challenge…

I love the way it encourages us to play, learn more about our styles allows us to join a wonderful community of creatives.

I often have {offline} friends ask for tips & advice on how to ‘play’ with Instagram…& encouragingly that it’s just that. Play.

It’s about searching a hashtag, scrolling, being inspired, scrolling a little more…

It’s about tapping an image that takes your fancy & commenting. It’s so lovely to let someone know that their image has made you smile.

It’s the commenting, the communicating, the encouraging that makes it such a friendly place to be.

Rather than my Facebook feed which might keep my family & friends up to date with my day-to-day ‘life’ happenings, my Instagram feed is probably more representative of my day-to-day ‘creative’ tinkerings.

So back to the daily challenges…I’m not even sure how I’ve come across so many…I guess just tapping on the more interesting hashtags to bring up full new feeds of loveliness.

It’s a great way to happily stumble upon so many lovely new inspirational pics & meet their creators.

I’ve often been tempted to start my own, but for now I’m happy to join in with others…but watch this space. There’s plenty of room for more.

For now, do go check out @aquietstyle on Instagram. Emma’s Tuesday challenge is #gatheredstyle & her daily feed is beautiful…


I’ll pop back tomorrow with some more of my favourite feeds & daily challenge inspirations x

2 thoughts on “Daily Play • Instagram challenges •

  1. I love your images, Instagram is such a good place to ‘play’ and be more creative. I love it!

    I have a Styling The Seasons question for you, would you be able to drop me an email. It’s for something nice! Xx

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