Instagram {creative photo challenges}

It all started in early spring 2014. Six months into motherhood, still on Mat Leave and adoring my immersion back into creativity! Instagram {IG} was becoming so much more than just another way of connecting with my existing friends.


Jumping into daily photo challenges set by @fatmumslim {Chantelle, a lovely Ozzy blogger with an amazing gift to connect, inspire and grow an amazing IG community} …one thing led to another, and a year later I’m addicted! I’ve put the daily prompts to one side, if only because I found it tricky to keep checking what day I was on?! The more general weekly/monthly challenges seem easier {& therefore more fun} to join in on.


So here are a few of my favourites {referring to everyone by their IG handle}…ones that I do my best to join in with:

@emilyquinton – Makelight blog floralfridaycompetition


@emilyquinton ‘s floralfridaycompetition is a weekly treat for the floral-hungry! She invites us all to post our floral images every Friday, creating a magical feed full of floral loveliness.
With a global following, its so lovely to see whats in season around the world. Her blog is also irresistibly beautiful …do have a look: Make Light


Also on a Friday is the fridayfaffingcompetition this is one that just sings to me! I’ve always been a lover of the faff! Faffing around with things in the home is my thing, but it really encourages an ‘anything goes’ approach. Perfect for everyone to join in on. As well as @amidreamingnow and @katherinedorrington, the Friday Faff is hosted by @juliabesidethesea


Julia is one of my faves, her style is so simply beautiful. She takes the smallest of ‘every day’ objects and gives them the space to stand out and shine. Her feed is widely followed around the world, showing that no matter how far apart we all are, how different our lives may be…we are all fundamentally drawn to the same sense of beauty and wonder for the world around us.


#stylingtheseasons is a monthly photo challenge, hosted by Katy {Apartment Apothecary} & Charlotte {LottsandLots}. They brilliantly inspire us to style a surface in the home with whatever the season has to offer. I love bringing the outdoors in, so it gives me the perfect excuse to pile blooms/plants on the shelf, or mantle and style them with anything else that takes my fancy! They are both so creative & have amazing DIY’s on their blogs {do take a peek!}


@itsmyweek A collective group all encouraging the IG community to post with a weekly theme. This one is always fun to join in on, and the topics change weekly keeping it fresh and inspiring.


Another weekly fave is @capturedbylucy #capturingcolour …a new colour or pattern theme is set weekly for you to tag your photos into. It makes for a wonderfully colourful feed! And I love, that like us, she gives us a peek into her gorgeous home…see her blog Capture by Lucy for more.

Tuesdays are a treat with @aquietstyle ‘s gatheredstyle With a basic human desire to forage, gather and hunt, we are encouraged to display our treasures in a vignette style.


Emma has such a divine aesthetic. Almost futuristic, she captures the beauty of now and transports it into another realm. Her mix of backgrounds and textures, makes for visual sumptuousness. Her blog A Quiet Style is wonderful & has me pining for a trip back down to the south coast.


@gudyhurder is a new one to me…blogger on Eclectic Trends, she has been an absolute revelation to me. Her itsamoodywednesday is a feed full of moody magic. Exploring the darker side of whimsy and romance, this challenge pushes me right outside my comfort zone and allows me to explore otherwise untapped creativity.


Another new one {to me} is @littlegreenshed ‘s #natureinthehome Bringing a little of the outside in, especially in these winter {indoor} months, is the perfect way to cheer a grey day! I’m looking forward to posting more into this feed.

@kimklassen hosts her gorgeously relaxed #mystillsundaycompetition a feed full of pretty dreamy images, perfect for the weekend.
And there we have it, a little round up to name but a few! I am so grateful to each host above, not only for allowing us a platform on which to express our inner creativity, but also for championing it and creating a community-focussed space in which we can all thrive.

Ever thankful, Jess x

6 thoughts on “Instagram {creative photo challenges}

  1. this is the loveliest post Jess. my IG journey was ignited by the wonderful Emily Quintin in sept so I am ever so green & loving learning daily inc from your feed, thank you #happydays X

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  2. This is such a brilliant post, as an instagram newbie (relatively) I’ve already picked up on quite a few of these but I’m adding more to my list. I love the instagram community I’ve “met” such lovely people there & found so much creativity.

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