My Monday Mood board – an introduction

Well this is going to be an exciting start to the week! Alongside all the other amazing Instagram photo challenges, I’m here to introduce My Monday Mood board.

#MyMondayMoodboard is about starting the week with a little inspiration. It’s a hashtag to gather all those wonderful inspiring images we find on Instagram, Pinterest and Steller {my faves}.

To share my personal reason for creating this hashtag…its somewhere for me to ‘mood board’ my interiors ideas, musings, creations. I’ve played with 2d mood boards for years, and they’ve always helped to inspire me with a range of things, from DIY projects with Ross, to more wordy mood boards to lift me through tricky times in my life. {one of my favourites below…7 years ago, and even then I must have known I would have Lily!}

I would love to have somewhere to share these, and for others to join in as well. That’s not to say you have to share a Mood board in the more formal sense of composition.

mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition …to visually illustrate the style they wish to pursue.

Anything goes…anything inspiring, that is. It might be a quote that sings to you, it might be an image. It could be a styling of a shelf, a view of the landscape. It could be a painting, a fashion style…and, of course, it could be snap of a collaged mood board with an inspiring combination of colour, texture or pattern.

2015/01/img_4031-0.pngFor ideas see My Monday Mood board on Pinterest, or scroll through the Instagram/Steller feeds using the hashtag.

In my experience, joining in these challenges catapult you into creativity. It gives you an outlet, a reason to ‘do’. Thinking is never the same as doing, and as a creative, it is all too easy to get caught up in the thoughts. {I know it well!}

There’s an organic process to this challenge, so there are currently no rules as such, just ensure they are YOUR photos you share, use the hashtag & it would be lovely if you could tag us along so that people know where to find the weekly winners. We’ll be sure to pick a few faves throughout the week to share on our IG feed {@mymondaymoodboard}, and the weekly winner will feature here on the blog.

My hope is that the feed itself will become the ‘mood board’ to offer everyone a splash of inspiration to start the week!

Whatever your style, never underestimate your power to encourage…
We’re looking forward to seeing what you post. Have fun!

Here’s to a beautiful week ahead, Jess x

@seasidelucy via Instagram / Steller Stories

Ps. This challenge is co-hosted with @seasidelucy …we were introduced via Instagram & have never ‘met’ in real life! We’re buddies & a shining example of the power of IG photo challenges to inspire, encourage & create! Come join the fun x

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