Jumping in… ‘Doing’ over ‘Thinking’

To celebrate the first week of our new Instagram-based photo challenge @mymondaymoodboard we’d like to share a few of our favourites…
{we, being myself & co-host Lucy aka @seasidelucy}

Feat: {clockwise from top} @juliabesidethesea @georgiestclair @arldhailguevarra @hannahargyle

And below is our ‘super favourite’ …Congratulations Celeste! {aka @thebohemianmemoir}. It stood out & encapsulated everything we would like to promote with this hashtag.

Feat: @thebohemianmemoir

Beautiful styling, lovely balance of colour, & brilliant little caption! It’s also a fantastic nod to the way Lucy and I met…through writing letters back & forth, {we were introduced on Instagram via The Snail Mail revival}.

A big thank you to so many of you choosing to take part!
Including Emma’s {aka @beautythrumylens} …this is a bonus favourite {it’s going to be hard to pick just one weekly winner!} With such a classic take on the mood board, we couldn’t resist!

So many of us over think & over plan …me included. I know some of us worry about what to post, how to style our pictures & more often than not end up posting/doing nothing at all. If we can help to promote anything, it would be an encouragement to jump in and have a go.

My friend ‘Blom’ invited Lily & I to share a flask of tea in the snowy Cherry Hill park on Monday morning, it was lovely. We chatted, watched our girls explore the frost & it wasn’t long before Lily squelched her way {shin deep} into an ice-topped puddle, plunging her gorgeous cadbury-coloured shoes into thick chocolatey mud!

A couple of years ago this would have freaked me out! But it was perfectly hilarious. When you’re doing things you love, with people you love its easy to let go and have fun…whatever happens?!

I love how Little people ‘jump in’ & have fun with the world around us, they don’t think & they don’t worry. They might get a little cold and muddy, but who cares, they’re happy!

Feat: @jessicatrent

Perhaps you’ll choose to make it a Monday that you jump into Instagram. At least now, you know there’s a feed waiting just for you! ‘See’ you there soon.

Jess x

6 thoughts on “Jumping in… ‘Doing’ over ‘Thinking’

  1. gorgeous favourites & well done jess & lucy on lift off. thank you for bringing the positivity & inclusion to our mondays. will look forward to taking part & cheering from the side lines. olivia xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. oooopsy – so meant that in the happy cheerleader waving my pom poms way – always ready to run on the pitch as a sub ✨🌟✨xx …

        Liked by 1 person

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