Imaginative Fashion – timeless style

Sharing a little treasure today…. Georgie St Clair & the gorgousness that is her artwork & blog Painting Grace.

Painting Grace is the place to share a love of art and illustration, style over fashion and the joy of creativity. {Georgie St Clair}

I first met Georgie through Instagram {@georgiestclair}, but was thrilled to meet her in person at a flower photography workshop we attended last Autumn {with the wonderful Philippa Stanton} …just as wonderful in the flesh, she has an incredible eye for detail.

Georgie’s aesthetic is divine. Almost other-worldly, her blog show cases not only her fashion illustration, but also her many inspirations: Colour & Design Moodboards, Other Artists & Creatives as well as behind the scenes peeks into her own Life & Artwork.

What captivates me is her ability to mix illustration, photography and a clever use of props to create floral fairy tales on the page.

The best drawings are never just blank faces, but carry the personality of the real figure, the live and active model. {David Hockney}

It’s so refreshing to come across such Vogue-worthy drawings, so timeless in style & full of whimsical personality.

Plus, Georgie’s illustrations make me feel so nostalgic….this was my favourite fairy tale book when I was little, and its so lovely now, to share the frilly flower petal skirts with Lily.

In my early twenties, still attracted to floral interpretations in fashion {fuelled by my fledgling career at Monsoon} I bought Fairie-ality in a Covent Garden book shop, and still now, it just takes me into another world every time I open it. Like a fairy tale for grown ups it is a beautifully illustrated/photographed collection of Fairy fashion.

And that’s, for me, what Georgie captures. That sense of stylish imagination I once thought only possible on the dog-earred page of my favourite childhood book.

Whether on Instagram, flicking through her stories on Steller, or scrolling through her blog…she takes us on a beautiful floral adventure….one that I will be happy to twirl along with for a long time yet.

I invite you to grab a cuppa and go take a peek…

Jess x

{all images taken from Georgie’s Instagram gallery…with thanks for her permission}

3 thoughts on “Imaginative Fashion – timeless style

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Jess. What a beautifully written article, I feel very honored *blushes* !

    Just want to say, you’re a natural blogger! I love checking in to see what you’ve been up to and what is inspiring you at the moment. Keep up the great work.
    Georgie x

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