Bringing the holiday home…

Here it is…our ‘Super Fave’ image from this week’s mymondayoodboard gallery*.

Lucy & I both adore this image by Rebecca aka @samphireandseasalt …its got a little bit of everything and yet remains such a simply styled image.

I’ve loved dipping into the gallery while on holiday this week, & Rebecca’s image spoke to me for its ‘how to be Parisian wherever you are’. That idea of bringing the ‘holiday’ home with you. {in contrast to my taking little bits of ‘home’ with me on holiday}.

Not that we’ve been in Paris…rather, it’s been an easy adventure, just 30 mins away. And as much as I was looking forward to our little family escape to the woods, I was also looking to return home with fresh eyes.

I’ve been aching to ‘see’ our home. Really ‘see’ it anew.

Sometimes it pays to rest, be still, allow the dust to settle a little.

It’s such a brilliant way to see it, right that minute you get back from holiday, when you walk through the front door, you get to really look at the space afresh.
For me, its seeing our treasures & our stories…all those bits we have to make it feel like ours.
But its also a chance to see the other stuff…
The cracks, the dust, the wonky picture you’ve been meaning to change. They all jump right out at you, sometimes impossible to see when you’re living in it.

So, notes taken, ideas to plot…we’ll crack on with unpacking & revving the engines back up.

Happy weekend…and look forward to playing mymondaymoodboard again on instagram from Sunday x

*{mymondaymoodboard is a little instagram photo challenge co-hosted by myself and @seasidelucy to gather a gallery of inspiration & encourage a happy start to the week…you are very welcome to join in!}

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