Back to nature, or blind hypocrisy?

We’re back, home sweet home.

This past week we’ve been hiding away in the woods…I say ‘woods’ perhaps I should be a bit more specific?


Elveden Forrest Centerparcs is just 30 mins from home, super super affordable at this time of year & has such a family friendly focus that it was pretty much a no-brainer for a family T midweek break.

The concept of Centerparcs can be marmite for most people, you either love the idea, or hate it. But for me, I remain on the fence.

It’s highly commercial & it’s also a kind of ‘forced’ fenced-in-nature, (it’s got den-building ‘workshops’ for goodness sake!) & you can’t get a pint of English ale anywhere on site.

Having said that, for a resort with thousands of guests at any one time, it’s amazing how quiet & surrounded by nature you are.

Accommodation choices sprawl throughout the woods…our 2-bed lodge backed onto one of the many lakes, primed for wetland wanderers, herons & muntjacs. Clever scandi design, lots of windows, no overlooking neighbours, trees filling every view, makes it a pretty place to be. {especially when it snows!} Comfy sofas, stacked with all our cushions & blankets from home, a well stocked kitchen {our own coffee machine, fridge full of goodness & flowers of course!} meant we were happiest just hanging out as a family.

It’s such an ‘easy’ holiday, & for me, it’s nostalgic. I have great memories from childhood …whizzing down the subtropical rapids!

But thankfully my parents chose to balance Centerparcs holidays with ‘Real’ camping too…no toilet blocks or camp beds & it was bliss…bike riding & running rampant around Cornwall/Devon/Thetford/New Forrest from sunrise to sunset, den-building minus supervision & pre-cut logs! We had stinging nettle mazes, traps & fern-topped roofs. We’d lay paper trails, we’d get lost, we’d fall out of trees…& it was fun, real happy adventures.

Like Centerparcs is a ‘sort of’ nature, so our holiday was a ‘sort of’ escape.

Ross is so busy with his business & has a couple of incredible projects coming up this year, so it was lovely to just have ‘time’ together. It was also easy for him to fit in some design drawings & phone calls.

I guess it’s all about balance.

It’s so easy to take Lily to Centerparcs, it’s so wonderful to have her feed squirrels, ducks & morehens on the patio every morning. It’s hilarious how much she squeals in delight while whizzing around the water rapids. And (while she’s still too little to walk far) Tarmac pathways/roads free of traffic is bliss for buggy walks & toddles in the fresh air.

But I can see ahead. I see a time when shoes will need to get a little muddy. When I’ll want to allow Lily a little freedom, adventure in a wood without fence lines & Krispy cream donuts on tap! And perhaps we’ll find somewhere a little less Stella & a little more pale ale.


2 thoughts on “Back to nature, or blind hypocrisy?

  1. so glad you were able to escape & enjoy time away from home. being together in a bubble is so good for the soul isn’t it… free from chores & with time to ‘be’. hope re-entry back into home routine hasn’t felt too harsh. xx

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