Our handmade Mantle – dressed with love

Our sweet fireplace didn’t always look so lovely….you can check out a before shot here

Thanks to Ross we now have this gorgeous handmade mantle over our wood burner, plus another couple of mantles in our living space…{which I’ll be coming back to next week}

Ross & I always celebrate our ‘getting together’ anniversary at the end of January, we tend to make a bigger deal of our ‘Love Tale’ then, rather than Valentines Day…it feels more personal that way I guess.

But with V-day just around the corner, I thought I could offer some inspiration & encouragement for you to style somewhere in your home…this was our late January mantle, full of love, pinks & soft blues, little hand made salt dough hearts {couldn’t resist jumping the gun getting lily to try & help me with these! There were some preciously wonky ones too!}

After our wintery week away in the woods last week, it seems like spring is most definitely springing up all around us! Which is good in my book…the chills, the dark days and constant colds are taking their toll now.

Having said that, Lily and I have been wrapping up in thick wooly scarves to enjoy bright crispy walks, spotting bulbs popping up everywhere! Even better, we were thrilled to come home to find our little blue bells had popped up, ready for some February fun styling on the mantle.

I’ll be showing you our current mantle later this week…as part of a lovely collaboration with other bloggers, as we ‘Style the Seasons’.

Looking forward to sharing,
Jess x


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