And so the love tale continues…

Exciting times in Trent HQ, this afternoon I was delighted to hear I’d won the Laura Ashley sponsored ‘styling the seasons’ competition!

It seemed like a perfect excuse for cake! So Lily & I grabbed our wooden spoons…she plunged into petals, while I whipped up a raspberry coconut ring….

Ross & I shared a few slices in celebration this evening…yes, a few! We don’t do well at portion control! But it’s pretty much a sugar-free recipe so hopefully it hasn’t done too much harm.

There’s a been a certain evoking of memories to this competition for me…

After finishing uni, I moved down to Bath to be with Ross. He’d finished at Bath Spa & had just started his woodworking course. We lived in a tiny shared house, sharing the smallest bedroom & squirrelling away beautiful treasures for our ‘future home’.

I got myself a job in Laura Ashley, hoping to learn more about interior design {but ended up swept up in Visual Merchandising} & we used my staff discount to purchase a few bits, that still to this day take pride of place in our home {including the wooden tray above & Colosseum print below}

It was a gorgeous time. We fell in love, we got engaged & we planned our future together from that summer in Bath.

So 12 years later, to enter a Laura Ashley sponsored competition & win is just so happy-making!

Even more exciting is the solo project we have coming up in the next couple of weeks…Laura Ashley caught a glimpse of our kitchen {hand made by Ross} & asked to feature it in a blog post…so watch this space for yet more LA loveliness! {there’s a sneaky peek at a few things in the shots above}

And I just wanted to say a big thank you to all who voted. We were blown away by the support on social media, it really does mean so much.

Jess x

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