Pressing petals using a cake stand

Ever thought of turning a glass cake stand into a flower press?! Well, it works!

Pressed & framed flowers
Pressed & framed flowers

I’m just loving large colourful pressed flowers…they’re fun & I can already tell my little fafflet {Lily} will enjoy using them to make patterns & play with.

Vintage flower press from my lovely friend, Lucy
Vintage flower press from my lovely friend, Lucy

They just look so pretty & I adore their feathery delicate-ness! But my tiny flower press is jam packed constantly, which has meant resorting to other methods.

Pressed flowers
Pressed flowers

Using sheets of paper squished between my favourite {big} art book by David Hockney, I realised, probably wasn’t doing the pages any favours by allowing them to soak up the excess dampness from my drying ranunculus.

While decorating a cake with some pressed rose petals, I got all inspired to use the actual cake stand as a flower press!

Raspberry & Coconut Cake
Raspberry & Coconut Cake {Glass cake stand from Laura Ashley}

By filling the stand with plates & layers of paper, it becomes the most beautiful flower press.

Luckily we have a lot of plates, and many of them just the right size to fit inside the glass dome.

It was really just a case of drawing around the plates onto some wallpaper {I used my left over Laura Ashley wallpaper in Pussywillow}…

…cutting out the circles

Mummy’s little helper!

…stacking them in between plates & voila!

DIY Cake stand flower press

Pressed flowers! And it gives our gorgeous cake stand another use…between cakes, of course!

I bought a bundle of primroses from the flower market on Thursday…so we’ll pop off a few petals to press before planting out.

Have a JOY-full weekend,
Jess x


Cake stand available from Laura Ashley.

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