Low Sugar Lavender Granola 

My grandma never used scales, she fascinated me by measuring everything by heart, using spoons. I tiptoe in her footsteps with this easy recipe…

You’ll need:

Enough oats to generously cover the bottom of a large baking tray/oven dish.

2 dessert spoons of coconut oil

1 dessert spoon dark treacle

Drizzle of maple syrup {100% maple}

1 spoon chia seeds

2 handfuls of roughly chopped nuts {mixed nuts best, but almonds shown here}

2 handfuls of mixed seeds {anything goes!}

Handful of dried {chopped} fruits

Couple of sprigs of dried lavender

Scatter each of the dry ingredients fairly equally across the baking tray, to get an even spread. 

Melt the coconut oil, treacle in a small pan to be able to pour over the dry ingredients. Drizzle maple syrup over as well. 

Give a rough shake or mix before popping into a medium oven {125 degrees} for 20ish minutes. Give another couple of shakes while baking & a good mix when you take it out. 

Use your nose…as soon as it smells good {believe me, you’ll know!} you can take it out. 

Scatter on a sprig’s worth of lavender {adjust to your taste}

Cool & enjoy! {if you’re anything like me, you’ll have to head outside to give it a cool breeze stir, so you can tuck in quicker!}

Voila x 

Spatula from the wonderful Hatchet & Bear. 

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