A New York bag created from English treasure…

Today I am so excited to share the incredible Maker who turned Lily’s first hat into a sweet little bag…

And not only that, Lenore Pemberton Cilmi has created an entire satchel for me from treasured fabrics! 

It all started in Cambridge last summer, when Lenore was over from New York & had brought over her latest tote creation for a mutual friend…she has this amazing ability to turn fabric into a bag so personal & true to its owner, it’s incredible. 

So when I asked if she’d do the same for me, I couldn’t wrap & send the fabric quick enough! 

I’d been saving various fabric for years…the handmade lace given to me for our wedding, the striped linen bought in the Brighton Laines on one of the many summer trips to visit best friends, the polka dots from my fave haberdashery, ribbons from Vi Vi Reuleaux in Glasgow en route to our honeymoon, the patterned sheer given to me by old colleagues in London…

They all got wrapped into the sweetest Paisley parcel & posted off to New York. This was August…but by October, they still hadn’t arrived. It was a little heart breaking. 

And somehow, magically, by December the package arrived. We have no idea how/where/why it took so long, but clearly miracles happen. 

Working from her studio in New York, Lenore created this gorgeous bag …with the most incredible touches. She doesn’t know this next part. 

There are just 2 small lining fabrics that I didn’t provide…she chose them for me. 

{Lenore doesn’t know this} 5 years ago I suffered a sad period in my life. I won’t go into details, but it wasn’t great. Someone at the time said I was like a peacock…my colourful feathers laying flat & dragging behind me on the floor. She always reassured me they would lift & shine again. 

Lenore chose the prettiest peacock linings…in all beautiful colours. Feathers fully splayed upwards. Like I said, she has a gift! 

Lenore has given us such joy with our bags…we cannot wait to take them on some adventures!

You can find out more about Lenore & her adorable ‘Lenorables’ here

Jess x

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