Painting your home with Earthborn: A Happy splash of colour

Our adventure with Earthborn began in 2006. We were mid-renovation of our gorgeous Grade Listed home, The Three Blackbirds, and struck gold with this “beautifully different paint”. 

 When we bought it in 2005, the ‘Blackbirds’ was in total disrepair. Ross painstakingly stripped the entire ground floor back to {incredible circa 1400’s} brickwork and after many meetings with our lovely conservation officer, Rosie, we agreed to source paint with the highest eco credentials.

Earthborn was founded as a brand committed to providing a true eco alternative to conventional paints. With core products awarded the sought-after EU Ecolabel, [their] unique formulations…. are not only a pleasure to use, they are also designed to be healthier to live with.

Back then Earthborn was not on our radar, we were more familiar with the bigger names like Farrow & Ball, Little Greene Paint Company, but although only offering a handful of colour choices, Earthborn ticked more conservational boxes.  It was perfect to use with lime plaster, allowing the walls to breathe.

Skip forward 8 years, and they are still wonderfully eco-friendly, but even better, they offer the most beautiful array of colours and we’ve turned to them again.

There’s some re-decorating we’d like to do, but now with Lily,  we’d rather do without smoggy paint odours looming, especially as its a bedroom project we have in mind. 

They create stories with their paints, giving them all gorgeous names, sharing inspiration & imagination. Obviously I couldn’t help but notice their shade of ‘Lily Lily Rose’ and ‘Cupboard Love’ just makes me smile. ‘Kissing Gate’ and ‘Sunday stroll’ were serious contenders for our bedroom, but we’ve settled on ‘Inglenook’ and all its dusky loveliness. 

 We’ll be sharing our bedroom makeover later in the week, so I do hope you’ll pop back for a peek. Until then, perhaps you’d like to order yourself the NEW Earthborn colour chart? Pop over to see their new colours here.

For those looking for eye-catching colours, high performance, a healthier option or just simply something beautifully different, try Earthborn.

We’re so pleased we did!

Jess x

All images credited to Earthborn Paints

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