My Monday Mood Board ~ Super Fave

Take a rest; a field that is rested gives bountiful crops. Ovid

I had myself a moment of manic stress this week, followed by a morning of utter calm. I’m a pretty easy going, take-things-in-my-stride, kind of person {I haven’t always been}. But recently, as I’ve been grabbing at creative opportunities, {on top of being mummy, wife, business partner, blogger, employee} I find I’m spinning around faster and faster, and heading for a flop!

But flop, I shall not! 

This week’s super fave is dedicated to all 10 of you entering such lovely tea images! @mangelka in middle, then Clockwise from top left: @coffeepaperyarn @batikeya @kyliefloss @lillekaninblog @red_sh0es @koko_secretrainbowpath @alltomkerstin @pippin125

Congratulations @circleofpines for your winning image. There was such beautiful texture captured…plus I loved that you had drunk your coffee! Good for you! {priorities!} 

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of how important rest and time out is. Following my moment of stress, I received an email newsletter from Beth at Do What You Love. It was just what I needed to remind me of the importance of rest {especially in creatives}. So I took myself upstairs {lily was a preschool}, turned my back on my ‘lists’, lay on the bed, looked out the window and breathed. There were a lot of tears, but then a huge sense of relief. I just needed a rest.

I suffered immense burn-out in my late 20’s, which took months to recover from, and I vowed never to allow that to happen again. Brilliantly, I realised that it’s not the working hard that killed me, it was the lack of resilience I had at the time. Resilience is what we build up to enable us to take the strain when the going gets tough. Its like a super cloak of strength which allows us to be stronger, braver and more tenatious than we could ever be alone.

Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

After 40 minutes of time out, I bounced back remarkably quickly, with solutions to problems, a genius new idea for our branding {there’s a lot going on behind the scenes for our business} and felt epically stronger, than I had done the previous hour.

So I remind you, please take care of yourself.

A simple cuppa is so under-rated. Time, whether alone or with friends, simply enjoying a {hot} drink is such a treat. So thank you to you lovely Instagrammer’s entering your gorgeous tea-time shots. Hope you all have time in your day to include one.

Build your resilience, and you’ll be amazed at what you can really achieve!

Happy Friday friends,

Jess x

Everyone is welcome to join the hashtag #mymondaymoodboard over on Instagram. It’s a fun gallery, encouraging a community of creatives to share an image to kick start the week. Co-hosted with @seasidelucy we hope you’ll play along!


3 thoughts on “My Monday Mood Board ~ Super Fave

  1. what a wonderful post Jess, it had me nodding & talking back out loud with agreement. as a juggler too i spin at speed through my days & find myself teetering on the edge too often. thank you for this inspiring reminder XX

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  2. Oh yes, we all absolutely need time out to rest, to have a play, to take our foot off the accelerator just for a while. It’s essential to stay well. I’m still recovering from chronic fatigue after pushing myself too hard for too long and having absolutely nothing in reserve, so I can relate well! My body forced me to slow down – and still reminds me regularly when I do too much. Go gently and look after yourself my lovely – it’s amazing what can wait when it needs to xxx


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