Getting it done & bursting into bloom

It’s amazing how life gets ‘done’ sometimes doesn’t it?! When you get on, head down, work hard, and forget to look up, its amazing how much you can have achieved, and not notice.

This couldn’t be more true than for my husband, Ross {if you’re new to the blog, you are welcome to read about Ross and his business in our ‘about us {our love tale}‘ pages and his ‘ross trent cabinet maker’ page}.  Like many talented artisans, he’s been working crazy long hours to complete his first big commission of 2015 {a beautiful ground floor project with living room cupboards, floor to ceiling bookcases, and a classic bespoke kitchen} we’ll show photos over on his website soon. He’s also been liaising with new clients, which has meant hours of detailed scale drawings, and securing some incredible projects for the year ahead. It’s all very exciting on the business front, & in the meantime, we’ve also been planning a few personal home projects, a website overhaul and a garden-room build. It’s busy to say the least.  

But every now & then, we get these little bubbles of time when we like to turn the phones off, kick back, take stock and escape. So we did just that on Monday, taking Lily on a little adventure. I say adventure, it was only to Cambridge, and just to the botanical gardens...we go there frequently {but not often with daddy in tow} and it was wonderful.  


Everything in the gardens seems just about to burst into bloom, which is pretty much how we’re feeling right now.

We witnessed a bounty of blossoms; tiny delicate fluttery ones, with such gentle petals. There were pale cream magnolias in bud, while these magnificent magenta magnolias were already flung open, in full bloom.


It was exactly what we needed. After an hour of running around, and rockery-climbing, we headed into the city for some much needed retail therapy, and for the first time {in a long long time} we put the ‘home {wish}list’ aside, and went specifically clothes shopping. {We never do this, seriously, I’ve lived in jersey leggings and 3 breton-stripe tunics on rotation, pretty much since Lily was born! and don’t even get me started on Ross and his permanently wood-dust-filled jeans!}

  Its amazing how a day in Cambridge together, as a family, & as a couple {away from our business} has somehow managed to give us the gift of clarity.

We’re realising more & more how important it is to take time out every now & again, & really define our style; for the branding projects we have for the business, the sorts of commissions Ross takes on & also for our home projects lined up this year.

It never fails to amaze me, how by defining your style; wearing it, living it, building it, can make you feel so good, make you feel more like ‘you’. So after some Noa Noa indulgence, {3 new pairs of trousers…bye bye leggings!} and a purchase of some gorgeous soft leather shoes for Mr T, among a few other things, we’re feeling much more ‘ourselves’ again!

It feels like all that squirrelling away, hunkering down and ‘getting on with it’ that we’ve all been doing this year, is now coming into bloom!  

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the helpful tools we’ve been using to help define our style, our brand, our vision, our creative goals; all of which is giving us such clarity & confidence in our business & ourselves all at once. Exciting times ahead!

Thank you for joining us along for the ride x 

 Just to give you a little heads up…

We’ll be ‘cracking’ on with another little home makeover this Easter weekend, using ‘eggshell‘ paint on some of our bespoke furniture…front room reveal {hopefully} next week.

I’ll also be sharing more about the ‘Colour for Creatives‘ workshop in Brixton, last week with Fiona Hunberstone aka: The Brand Stylist. If you are a creative business wanting to define your style, look no further than her website for some incredible insight.

5 thoughts on “Getting it done & bursting into bloom

  1. Hi Jessica, it has been so nice to read and learn more about you. You do sound busy with your sweet family, and life, and business. I’m looking forward to more. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today – it’s so appreciated.

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  2. love this post jess. well done to you both for such a flying start to 2o15. so important to stop every so often & to see the growth of the little seedlings you’ve been busy creating. you’re so right too about defining YoU & your style… wearing it… living it… building it… easy to forgot to work on all of them. XXX

    Liked by 1 person

  3. no no, thank you. i only ever read your blog posts when i am calm & open minded 🌿 so thank you for sharing your brilliant thoughts 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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