Styling the seasons – spring styling At Mine

Hello April, hello second favourite holiday season!

I’m here to share my ‘Styling the Seasons’ post – a monthly styling challenge hosted by Apartment Apothecary & Lotts and Lots. This month sees another exciting collaboration for them with the fabulous At Mine. At Mine is an online community for home and design lovers to share their real homes, its a great place to search for inspiration & to get a sneak peek inside some beautiful homes.  You can see our member page here.

So, for what April means to us…It comes as no surprise, that for our family, is all about Easter. It’s a time to fling around {even more} fresh blooms, decorate with more happy garlands and generally welcome the outdoors back into our home.

There was no better way to celebrate our love of Easter, than to build a mega-wreath on the mantle! It began as a traditional circle, but as I went to hang it, it naturally dropped into this wonderful egg shape! The mega-EGGA is born.
My blogging schedule really doesn’t allow for detailed DIY tutorials yet, but I would encourage everyone to have a go at this…it really was just a case of grabbing a couple of lengths of pussywillow, a bunch of greenery and a few roses, and tying together with string, at various intervals.

These pesky chicks have been dancing all over our house this month, and often frequent the mantle for a little fireside chat! The ribbon wreath was made by me last year & is another very easy make {using a polystyrene circle, available from any haberdashery}.


 The soft scented Anthropologie candles were a gift from my gorgeous friend Evie. She lives in London, and since both having daughters {within 2 weeks of each other!} our get-togethers are much less frequent, so I’m excited to be taking Lily down for a fun London weekender later this month.  Edit

On Sunday we’ll be joining my family, in Cambridge, for a fun day of celebrations. I’m the eldest of 4, so mum enjoys nothing more than a good excuse to get us all around their big dining table for a feast! As yet, Lily is the only grandchild, so she’s always completely and lovingly spoilt! I’m sure there will be egg-hunts aplenty & baskets full of treats!

So, there we have it. Wishing you all a happy easter and some much deserved time off. Enjoy!

Jess x

Oh, and we’ll be back to share our gorgeous front room makeover soon…

5 thoughts on “Styling the seasons – spring styling At Mine

  1. Your spring style reminds me of when I was a young kid and my mother filled the house with decorations at Easter time!! It was almost overwhelming how much she put up! I really enjoyed this post. It brought back some fond memories. Nice chatting with you on #blogtacular today!

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