Living room makeover: part I

The true beauty of a room can be found in its details. Layering a room with the items you love elevates your space. {Nate Burkus, designer}

When we renovated our home 2 years ago, it was all a bit rushed…I was pregnant, we were both working, and the experience gained from our previous 3 renovations meant we just needed to get the basics covered. It’s only now that we are really taking the time to layer our rooms with love.

You may have seen from a recent bedroom makeover, our growing confidence to splash a little colour around, as we create a home that reflects our family & style.

What started as a mini makeover project this Easter Weekend, using a gorgeous new shade ‘Rosie Posie’ from Earthborn paints, has inspired an entire room overhaul! You can read a little more about our journey with Earthborn here.

The space before - as with most of our home, painted white
The space before – un-styled, and as with most of our home, painted white

The original plan was to paint this small nook in our front room, where Lily likes to read/play/watch tv {we hide a lot of her toys in this foot stool}.

I was hoping for a quick project to paint the panelling, added to hide our TV cables, but then one thing led to another, and before I knew it, Ross {& Lily} were painting the dresser units too.

Painting the alcoves pink

Here’s a peek at what it looks like so far…

Vintage Ercol chair – needs recovering properly {we’ve used White Company cushion covers as a quick fix}
Cream lamps were a beautiful Ebay find
As ever, all bespoke furniture by Ross Trent


Our current favourite Disney film


Ferns are fab in our more shady spots


The colour ‘rosie posie’ was inspired by our favourite Niki Jones cushions, that and my everlasting love with the colour combination of ink {bluey/black hues} and pink {blossom, blush, soft feminine shades}.

View from the dining area mantle {with our mega-egg Easter wreath}


There’s yet more to tinker with, but for now we’re really pleased with the colour palette. Did you use the long weekend for creative projects in the home?! I’d love to hear…

Jess x

oh, and you can see more of my ink & pink and living room furniture inspirations over on Pinterest. Both my styling and photography have a long way to go to live up to this gorgeous image from The Design Chaser but that’s a challenge I’m very happy to take!

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