The growing maker movement ~ our maker spaces

The appreciation for authentic, handcrafted items, made by artisans using care & skill, is undergoing a huge resurgence. An antidote to the mass-produced, machine-built products for the home, more & more of us are choosing to fill the spaces in which we live with handmade.

It’s wonderful to see a rising number of fellow creatives being given the opportunity to live their passion, using their skills in their ‘maker spaces’ in the home to, quite literally, ‘make a living’.

We thought we’d encourage by sharing a peek into our home & ‘maker spaces’. 

Ross garden workshop


Inside {2 years ago, just as it was built}
It is now regularly bursting at the seams with his handmade kitchen cabinets

Ross self-built his ‘maker space’ in the garden; a workshop to fit the exact space we had here, & remain within the perimeters of building regs.

It’s nowhere near as big as it really needs to be, the ceiling height is pretty low. But it’s his own space. It is clean, warm and dry and only a 30 second commute! Once the radio is on, the door shut, he can work long hours, creating some amazing furniture, and still retain an incredible work life balance, so coveted by many working professionals.

Of course, with his work comes a lot of design & planning, for which he could ideally use an office, but our current home just isn’t big enough. When we moved 2 years ago, we traded off a bigger country cottage for a town terrace, thankfully retaining good garden space.

We hope to extend, but until then, we share our small table for drawing, planning, blogging, creating, and all other usual dining area activities.


It’s often a creative catastrophe ~ we frequently have to swipe away projects to sit down for dinner! But it’s the heart of our home & at the heart of what we do. I tried & failed at having a craft room/office tucked away upstairs last year…it became more of a storage area, in which nothing actually got done, rather than here, in the creative hub of our living space. 


Crafting with Lily


Blogging our Love Tale


Prepping a room makeover


Oh, and did I mention…our table has the most wonderfully pink legs! We figure its worth making our everyday ‘maker spaces’ happy spaces & keeping it as simple & usable as possible …It’s a case of doing what you can with what you have.  

I’m so excited to be sharing my review of an inspiring new book from Emily Quinton tomorrow, which showcases many inspirational makers & their creative Maker Spaces …a must-read for anyone aspiring to turn a hobby into a business. 


See you then,

Jess x

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