Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton {a review}

Front Cover
Emily Quinton
Emily Quinton

Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton is a book so close to our hearts and business, that I couldn’t not give it a shout out here!

Maker Spaces’ takes an in-depth look inside 13 beautiful homes, studios and workspaces of the pioneering creative minds…. This innovative, engaging book will give you the ideas and impetus to create inspirational and achievable interiors, fresh from some of the most exciting and dynamic designers in the world right now.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know Emily for her love of botanicals and incredible photography skills. Hundreds of us take part in her {now epic!} Floral Friday Competition each week. So it was no surprise to have my beautiful {pre-ordered} copy delivered in such ribbon-wrapped-floral style!     

my beautuful signed copy

Why do I love this book?
As much as I adore Emily’s stream of floral photography on social media, it was even more of a treat to open & discover a compendium of incredible interiors focussed pages.
It so brilliantly illustrates how creative businesses, like ours, are so intertwined with the home and the diverse selection of makers, handpicked by Emily, along with such variety of homes/studios shown, really stretches our own imagination for what is creatively possible.

My spaces are definitely an extension of who I am {Teresa Robinson, Tiro Tiro}

What will I take away with me?
We often battle with leaving work at work, and making our home space purely for home/family activities. {we actually considered putting a fence up in the garden to block Ross’ workshop from view!}
Maker Spaces, for me, has turned that theory on its head, and actually celebrates the passion and joy that comes from working as a maker/designer, and how that passion flows between the studio and the home.

{you can see some of my personal favourite images from the book below}

Alix Bluh, San Francisco
Alix Bluh, San Francisco
Teresa Robinson, Portland
Teresa Robinson, Portland
Kim Austin
Kim Austin
Inge Cremer
Inge Cremer

A must-read for creatives?
This innovative and totally engaging book speaks on so many levels. The photography, shot on location by Helen Cathcart, captures so beautifully the clever use of space in each home. It can’t help but inspire you to look at how you create your style in the home. It also cleverly articulates tips for turning a creative hobby into a successful business.

Maartje van den Noort
Maartje van den Noort

I’m always so hesitant to really dive into our business head on, worrying that we should be keeping work and play as two separate entities. {perhaps an over hang from working in a 9-5 job that I wasn’t passionate about} but I see now, that by becoming more involved in Ross business, and by continuing to grow this blog, we cannot help but blur the boundaries between our business and our home life.
And quite honestly our relationship, our home and our sense of ourselves has never been better! 

our homemade space

Maker Spaces celebrates all the passion and connection betweem maker’s spaces, and the home. I can only aspire to keep creating that sense of connection between our home and workspace.
It’s about creating a sense of clarity about who you are, what you do and how you can create a happy home around you to best reflect that.

A huge high-five to Emily!

Images included above have been taken {with permission from Emily and her publisher} from Maker Spaces: photography by Helen Cathcart, published by Ryland Peters & Small rrp:£19.99}

Jess x

You can see our ‘maker space’ here 

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