My Monday Mood Board ~ super fave 

Many have caught my eye. Few have stayed in my heart. 

This week’s super favourite jumped right out at me! Amongst another beautifully inspiring gallery of images, was this sweet little mood board from @petitlouise_nl


I love how Richarda has put this together, the sweet prints are adorable & would be perfect additions to Lily’s room.

Check out her online store for her beautiful selection of pretty prints. 

Thank you all for playing along & sharing your inspirations for the week ahead.

We’re all on a journey to figure out what we like, what we love & what best represents our sense of self. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll get drawn to all sorts of fashions & fads, but as I’m learning, the true sense of style is that which is felt by the heart. 

Have a happy weekend, 

Jess x 

As ever, you’re all welcome to play along with #mymondaymoodboard over on Instagram – a weekly photo challenge encouraging a creative start to YOUR week. 

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