To see new possibilities: Look up 

Last week, while walking along the river with Lily, I was poised in the cow parsley, hunched over, taking sweet photos of her in the buttercups, when from out of nowhere flew a skein of geese…beautiful, in a perfect V, flying just a metre or two above the river beside us. I was too slow for a photo, but it was a fantastic display. And a fantastic reminder to ‘look up’. 

So we’re encouraging our community over on Instagram to take photos from a different angle this week… 

We host a weekly photo challenge & this week’s theme is ‘look up’. It’s a chance to step outside our comfort zones, stretch ourselves skyward & get another perespective.   

Or perhaps you might be encouraged to ‘look up’ meanings/definitions/inspiring quotes to motivate you for the week ahead.

I adore foraging, gathering wild flowers & generally watching out for Lily running around my feet. But after almost missing those geese, I’m taking the opportunity to turn my attention upwards & already it’s revealing new possibilities.  

Someone challenged me to spend one day doing the complete opposite of what I’d normally do…I can’t say I’ve taken them up on it, but on that theme, rather than my usual top-down shots I so enjoy, for Monday I’m going to aim up. 

We’ll see where it takes me & I invite you along for the ride. To join in, pop over to Instagram & tag your images to #mymondaymoodboard 

We’ll be delighted to see you play along & look forward to featuring our favourites on Wednesday.

As ever, have an inspired start to your week!

Jess x

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