Brand styling our business: the start

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter you’ll know I took part in an incredible workshop earlier this spring, led by Fiona Humberstone {aka the brand stylist}: Colour for Creatives.

A creative, inspirational and incredibly useful introduction into how to use Colour Psychology to gain a deeper understanding of your brand, communicate more effectively and produce more powerful work.

I just had to write up a little review here, not only because I very much hope she runs the class again, which might encourage you to find out more, but also because I hope it will allow me to share the process of our brand-styling for this blog, Ross’ business & our online presence generally {which are all very intertwined}.

The workshop was held at Brixton East;a 19th Century furniture warehouse. The venue was an inspiration in itself; the mix of white & wood was pure joy! You can see a few pics below: {this was me, pretty much snapping at every corner of the venue & soaking it all in!}

Happy garlands dancing over our elevenses table
Cupboard love – at the back of our work room

Delightful desserts
Ok, it wasn’t just about the setting & food! Let me begin by sharing my reasons for going along to the course:

1. Brand styling – to create a cohesive image that fits both the business and {this more personal space} our blog:
We are in dire need of updating Ross’ website. I built it in 2010, and although absolutely fine, it really doesn’t showcase the bigger kitchen projects he is now involved in.

2. Bigger picture – building a brand image
We are both hugely creative, but sometimes just can’t see the woods for the trees. We can get so caught up in ‘getting things done’ we can forget to look up to see where we’re going.

3. Connectivity – building a community
I’m sure I could have done an online version of Fiona’s course, or something similar, but the riches you gain from being in a room of like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives cannot be put into words.

My mood boards
More mood boarding
The day consisted of a series of insightful presentations from Fiona, a bonus presentation from the wonderful Gudy Herder & some valuable lessons in using colour to Moodboard our brand.

I came away with such vision & clarity for a style to best represent our business {& unexpectedly, a better sense of my personal style}. 

It reaffirmed my belief that to gain a better sense of our own style is to gain a better sense of oneself; whether that be expressed in the clothes we wear, how we style our homes, it’s the expression part that’s so vital. It is how we choose to present our most authentic sense of self. 

Fiona brilliantly taught us how all this can all be applied to our business using carefully considered brand styling.

Brand Styling is about bringing out the personality in your business with flair & intention.

If you’d like to know more, do check out {Fiona’s} The Brand Stylist website and her new book How To Style Your Brand and we look forward to sharing more about our branding/style journey here soon.

Jess x

Have you got any brand styling tips you’d like to share? Please feel free to drop me a line in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Brand styling our business: the start

  1. What a beautiful post Jessica! You were really missed yesterday but thank you for writing such a lovely and inspirational post about the workshop. Hope to see you again soon and I’m really looking forward to seeing your new brand take shape.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I learnt a lot from Fiona via the Decor 8 Blogging Your Way ecourse. It’s such a fascinating subject and her knowledge and passion shone through. I know you’re going to do great things with your new found knowledge Jess x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You sweetie Georgie️! I’m just so excited about it all…nervous too, but with such a gorgeous growing community around us, we cannot help but thrive! Thank you for cheering me on…I really do appreciate it xx


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