My blogging journey ~ 6 months in, to continue or not?

Never apologise for trusting your intuition ~ your brain can play tricks, your heart can be blind, but your gut is always right.

It would be easy to stop now. It would be easy to just sit back & read all the other beautiful blogs out there. All those lovely homey, instructional, beautifully photographed, written like they’re there talking to you, brilliant brilliant blogs. {that’s what my brain is saying…being beastly & setting me up for comparison & self doubt.}

It would be easy to jump in with lots of sponsored blog posts, taking other people’s products, putting my twist on them & hide behind their branding to get my message across. {that’s what my heart is saying, to keep me safe & hug me with comfort & lovely things}.

But I’ve never done things the easy way, that I know for sure! So there’s something I’m starting to explore…

I’m going to take the right route. The right route for me, that is.


{says my guts} …and it takes guts to acknowledge that.

With this blog, {like being a mother, our home, my previous career, my relationships} I’ve always felt like I had to do more and more. Be better, show, plan, create from scratch, know where I was going, and have a clear structure. I thought I was going to share our home DIY projects, practical, helpful stuff.

But that’s not me. 

It’s become a place where I’d like to explore something deeper; My essence, perhaps. I don’t just want to show practical things, I want explore the imagination & the feeling behind creativity.

Sure, it’s nice {incredible in fact} to have done some home-showing, brand-promoting stuff in my first few months, but it’s the gentler side of things that have really touched me, in a way I’d never expected.

I thrive on gentle instinct. Always have done. I realise, I thrive on following my guts

My head has ALWAYS been way too full of thoughts & self doubt. I walk into a room full of people {friends even} and feel like I’m disappointing them {that is terrifying to admit} 

It’s probably why I can be so over enthusiastic with others, because really, I’m just craving that affirmation for myself…and I very much doubt I’m alone here.

So really, how bad could it be, if I would just listen to my guts saying “I am amazing!” 

I might not be everyone’s picture of amazing, but that’s not the point. I am my version of amazing! Which is in complete opposition to what I thought blogging was about. 

I thought it was about being Amazing for everyone else. But that’s just sending me mad & as a result being totally unproductive. 

So for me, the RIGHT route, is the slow & gentle. And that’s pretty much the opposite direction I’ve been heading in so far. My new route is going to be one based on INTUITION, self trust and self kindness.  

I can see there’s a long journey of self discovery & self expression ahead. Recently most of my blog posts have been to promote the instagram photo challenge that I co-host with Lucy…and that has been such a treat. 

That, in itself was a guts-based decision that we’ve just rolled with, but which is beautifully taking off & creating a most unexpected, brilliantly delightful online community of like minded creatives. 

Believe me, there will be plenty more home inspiration blog posts {but perhaps I will trust my guts & share something whimsical I’ve been working on} and many more brand endorsements, I’m sure, but they will be surrounded by lots more of me just being me.

I’m learning that instincts are pretty much always the most quiet of voices. I’m trying to figure out ways of turning down the volume on my heart & mind, because to be quite honest, I’m not too good at hearing my guts just yet. But they’re there, gently & quietly speaking their magic. 

This blog might just be my new way to listen.

With love, 

Jess x

Ps. This feels way too raw to hit ‘publish’. It is with your support & encouragement that I feel able to hit it. {You know who you are, Thank you} x

8 thoughts on “My blogging journey ~ 6 months in, to continue or not?

  1. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. This has taken such guts and I’m proud you have been so honest with yourself. Trust that quiet little voice inside.

    I’m gob smacked to hear you feel as if you are disappointing others?! NEVER NEVER think that again lady!! You’re a wonderful and talented person.

    Well done to hitting the PUBLISH button too. How does it feel? Good? I hope so. I’m really looking forward to seeing where you go with your creative gift.

    Big hugs Gx


  2. What Georgie said! I’m so pleased you are continuing. It’s so important to be you and do what’s right for you. It’s so hard to stop comparing ourselves to others (who always seem better and more successful), but I think the best stuff happens when we do. I’m all at sea at the moment too, and trying to be OK with that….. Here’s to being our authentic selves! xx


  3. Yay! Hooray, Jess! And hooray for all of us who get to read your beautiful blog! I am inspired by your courage and candor. Please keep going for it. I love seeing your posts and I love reading what you write. They put a smile on my face and inspire me to keep stepping into the great unknown with my own blog & creative projects. (Even when the mind chatters on, criticizing and doubting – cause yes, we ALL have that. I certainly do.) But my experience is, the more you just step forward and express yourself, the easier it gets to do so. Let’s do that together. Onwards! Sending you a big hug from across the pond. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What lovely comments Leah,byou always put such a big smile on my face too! It gets a whole lot easier to express everything with such gentle encouragement as yours, so thank you. Huge hug straight back xx


  4. Seems to me there’s plenty of other people out there doing the lovely home thing and not too many doing the speaking from the heart thing. I personally look for the later, generally speaking. I just now stopped by your blog for the first time and really enjoyed your post. Looking forward to hearing more and playing along with your instagram prompts.

    Liked by 1 person

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