Treasure in the home 

What do you value most in the home? Does it reflect you? Your trueness? Your essence?  This question has come up a lot this year for us, and quite honestly there’s not much I don’t value in our home. It’s the beauty of living somewhere small, we don’t have the luxury of space to absently ‘fill’. 

In an effort to maintain a level of simplicity we constantly edit & re-edit our ‘things’ to cut down on the amount of stuff we have. {I’ve given up on eBay, and now do regular trips with bags of ‘edits’ to charity shops}.

And as a result, it’s really honed our style.

Of course, our home is still brimming with possessions. But careful editing means that these ‘things’ remain treasures that tell the story of our life.  

In fact, I’m starting to treasure something else entirely…it’s more a feeling, an ambience, an atmosphere if you like.

Our love of the outdoors, the changing of the seasons, the gathering of things we find on our daily adventures, like flowers & seasonal gatherings have become so vital to this creation of atmosphere, that I’m starting to wonder if all the other ‘stuff’ is required at all.  

Bringing the ‘outside’ in, creates a narrative for our daily life & provides a burst of energy, a magic, that I look forward to exploring more throughout the coming year. 

This week’s theme over on #mymondaymoodboard {our instagram photo challenge} is treasure. To play along, just pop over to @mymondaymoodboard & I look forward to seeing your ‘treasure’ there! 

Have a fabulous week, 

Love Jess x


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