My Monday Mood Board ~ TREASURE

How could we resist this gorgeous collection of TREASURE from the darling @sarahnotes  

 A whizz at arranging, Sarah hosts a fantastic photo challenge {again, on Instagram} every Thursday #byarrangement which invites everyone to take an ‘arranged’ photo of personal objects. 

What I absolutely LOVED about this week’s contributions to the mood board, were the beautiful treasures everyone was happy to share. I didn’t see any fancy pants bling or pots of gold {treasure in the traditional sense} anywhere in the feed…it was so lovely to find personal pieces beautifully arranged, incredible natural gifts: blooms, seashells and the odd cup of tea {of course!} Your sharing of treasure was such a gift! 

@style.and.swoon @createandbalance @c_colli @tyapo4kena
Pondering ‘what is it we really value?’ & applying it to our home, I find it’s those natural treasures; the flowers we pick, the stones Lily collects, the food we make, that really do the most for my heart. They are the treasures that make a home smile. Yes, we are lucky to have Ross incredible furniture around us, but it is using it in harmony with the things we treasure that really makes it sing.   

our treasures don’t stay still for very long!

So to let you in on next week’s prompt…we are inviting you to share HARMONY & all that it might mean to YOU. 

Happy midweek, 

Jess x

#mymondaymoodboard is a photo challenge hosted by myself & @seasidelucy. Head over to @mymondaymoodboard on Instagram & join a beautiful bunch of creatives!

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