styling the seasons ~ may

Taking time to live life will only inspire your work

Things have felt a little rushed this year, but May has given us a chance to slow down, yet somehow fit even more in. Maybe it’s these noticeably longer daylight hours? We’ve taken trips to the beach, explored wild gardens, walked along the river…finding treasures along the way & feeling all the better for it! 

6 months into blogging, and having raced around cramming in lots of projects, it’s been lovely to slow down, listen to my heart, and be guided along my own path. It’s proving really quite fun & a whole lot of interesting!

I’m still so inspired by many of my fave bloggers…two of whom run this wonderful styling the seasons challenge every month, something I am keen to continue. It’s such a lovely way to join an online community space to share what the month means to us.     So this month, being so full of the ‘outdoors’, I couldn’t resist bringing some of the curling green vines to let them creep around our mantle. Ivy & other ‘weeds’ are just so pretty with their spiralling tenacious tendrils grabbing at everything in their path!


We’ve collected precious shells & even found this gorgeous rusty old lock from our trips to the North Norfolk coast. 


Your path is beautiful and crooked, and just as it should be.

So there we have it. May. A month of exploration, treasure hunting & taking a more heartfelt approach. I can’t wait to see what June brings!

Jess x

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