What makes your heart sing? HARMONY

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.   Gandhi

If you’ve been following my instagram feed recently, you’ll see crazy amounts of green! Fresh leaves, trees, plants, petals, grass, weeds; you’ll see we love wandering it all.  

Most of my happiest memories have been made outdoors, and realising that has pushed us outside more & more!

It’s our harmony; getting into the fresh air & dappled light. It’s just so grounding. 

Plus, Lily is so happy outdoors, her new phrases ‘lets go’ and ‘walk mama’ are pure cuteness! 

The earth has music, for those who listen.   Shakespeare


It’s one thing to passively walk outside, to get somewhere. It’s become quite another to walk outside, and really ‘be’ there.
More than ‘just doing’ dog walks & running errands into town, we actively engage with the world around us, and I’m feeling so much more creative as a result.

I guess that’s where all these still life musings come about…exploring ribbon-like grasses & pretty petals,  and letting my heart have a little sing song while playing with them. They’ve become my little instruments!

That’s my harmony. What’s yours?!

Love Jess x

4 thoughts on “What makes your heart sing? HARMONY

  1. Hmmm you know, I’m still trying to figure mine out! Is it odd if I say the bath or shower? It’s about the only time I get to think, uninterrupted. I usually come up with my best ideas there.

    I think I need to find more harmony in my life. Your post makes me think it’s missing… Gorgeous imagery as always Jess x

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    1. Hey…you probably have a whole lot more harmony than you think?! Your creativity ooozzes harmony…and absolutely, my guess is yours might be water?! Get to the sea! {& take me too😉} xx


  2. Beautiful images, Jess – so light and airy and uplifting. Green does it for me too, and the sea. I find staring at the waves always restores my calm – the sea is so vast and so humbling – my worries always pale into insignificance next to its might and perpetuity.

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