My Monday mood board ~ HARMONY

Hello friends, I’m so excited to share this week’s super fave from our ‘My Monday mood board’ photo challenge on Instagram… 


This, from @zoepower was the clear choice! As soon as it popped into the feed, both Lucy & I adored it…& I’m sure you can see why?! Zoe’s feed is always so uplifting & full of harmony…she also has a rather beautiful blog: beautiful simplicity ~ do go take a peek!

Your friends should motivate and inspire you. Your circle should be well rounded and supportive.  Keep it tight. Quality over quantity always.   


@personallyandrea @kaytet @circleofpines @live_and_bloom
And this beautifully curated grid from Lucy brings together 4 more favourites.

Thank you all for playing along…our prompt for next week is: INSPIRED BY…

So have another fantastic weekend ahead & look forward to seeing you, and everything that inspires you, over on Instagram next week!

Love Jess x

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