Inspired by • David Hockney •

I am always excited by the unlikely. Never by ordinary things. 

British artist, David Hockney, has always been a huge inspiration of mine.  He is in complete contrast to my more delicate facinations & favourite female artists like Emily jeffords and Jessica Zoob

From GCSE school days, where I first discovered his photographic images, to my BA Final Dissetation,  he has been there. 

In fact, one of our first dates was a trip to Saltsmill, near Bradford, UK, where Hockney has a permanent exhibition. This ‘Cherry Blossom’ print we picked up, hangs {framed by Ross} on Lily’s bedroom wall.  

Even {over!} a decade later, I find myself pouring over one of my many ‘Hockney’ books, always so inspired by the colour, the gentle wisdom and the sheer simplicity of his work.

His exhibition ‘a bigger picture’ which came to London in the spring of 2012, actually made me cry…in complete delight! 

     Hockney’s art is deceptively simplistic.  Working in almost every medium, {including the images painted on an iPad above} he has spent his life experimenting with ways of seeing, and ways of representing that sight. 

photo collage

‘mum’ painting, 1988
You can see a selection of his work here

I have always believed that art should be a deep pleasure… There is always, everywhere, an enormous amount of suffering, but I believe that my duty as an artist is to overcome and alleviate the sterility of despair. New ways of seeing mean new ways of feeling…I do believe that painting can change the world. David Hockney

So that’s someone I admire…I wonder…who, or what inspires you?

You are very welcome to join us over on Instagram playing #mymondaymoodboard where this week’s prompt is: 

I N S P I R E D    B Y

I’ll be back on Wednesday to share our favourite images from the feed,

Have an inspired start to your week! 

Jess x


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