My Monday mood board ~ inspired by…

Hello everyone,

it’s an inspiring time right now…and you lovelies have been only too happy to share your inspirations over on #mymondaymoodboard  

This beauty caught my eye. It captures that bubble of ‘time out’…away from the hustle & bustle, away from the chaos of life. It’s everything we love about this little photo challenge; it encourages us to take a moment for ourselves, to create a happy space.

And Lucy’s roundup captures much the same…  

TL: @gayane TR: @silverpebble2 BR: @beautythrumylens BL: @thenohemianmemoir
 We started the hashtag back in January, with the intention of encouraging you to create an inspiring start to the week…& nearly six months in, we’re so so inspired by all of YOU!  

I don’t know if it’s the summer, nature blooming, or the growing community of heart~followers, but the gallery on Instagram is blossoming with loveliness & never fails to provide a kick start to the week.  


It’s like we’ve created a little secret garden…one we are all welcome to stroll in & out of as we please. Not everyone plays every week, not everyone uses the prompt, and that’s absolutely fine…you all post the most brilliant selection of photos to create a beautiful gallery to scroll through…   


So to  C E L E B R A T E  a super first six months of the My Monday mood board {& both me & Lucy celebrating over birthdays within a week of each other!} it seems like a good prompt for next week!

Let’s celebrate!

Looking forward to seeing what the next six months bring…I have a feeling our little garden is going to bloom! 

Jess x

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