Taking off the extra layer…

So I’m here, I’m in London, I’m alone, I’m sitting the generator hostel cafe, and I’m already having the most brilliant time. 

Nervous, yes…I’m alone for goodness sake! Since having Lily, I’m rarely alone! She’s the most gorgeous layer of loveliness that I get to add to myself, daily, to bring me comfort, joy & a whole world more. 

 But it was funny. Getting off the train at Kings Cross, I realised {with no buggy & excess stuff} I felt very ‘me’!

A more raw kind of ‘me’ that I don’t step into very often. 

I should explain, at this point…I am here in London {& staying in a hostel} as part of a creative conference event: Blogtacular. 

As you might know, I’m still new to blogging… Six months in, and it’s already taught me so much about ‘me’. But that was never my initial aim…

I started out wanting to blog about our home, and to show the more personal side to Ross’ cabinet-making business. But as time has gone by, I’ve found that by hanging out here online, I am meeting and making friends with some incredible people, that in my normal day to day life, would otherwise pass me by. 

Exploring my creativity through this blog {and on my Instagram} is prompting me to take off the ‘layers’ & to really dig {without sounding too deep?!} into my essence …& by doing that, it’s bringing me to me!


As excited as I am to be attending my first BLOGTACULAR, however, it brings this shy sense of nervous anticipation. 

It’s one thing chatting online, behind the veil of instagram etc, it’s quite another to come face to face with those you admire…Even more nerve-making, perhaps, those that might admire you. 

I posted this photo on Twitter this morning {I’m not totally up to speed with tweeting…but I see it as the place a lot of fellow creatives, and more importantly for this event, where a lot of fellow bloggers hang out}

This brings me to the crux of this blog post…

I realise I have this thing…When I don’t trust myself…I cover it up. 

Like with these little business cards…I spent ages making them, choosing the images I felt most expressed me & creativity. And then, just as I’m about to pack them in my bag, I get all worried & add layers…ribbons, little stickers; all lovely. But still layers.

I even packed a giant flower…which I have worn, at weddings/events {you know, when you want to add a bit of something extra!}

But I’ve changed my mind about wearing it this weekend. It’s a layer, that for this, isn’t needed. 

I’m going to stick with being ‘me’. 

I’ll keep a few cards bound with ribbon {I know it made a few tweeters excited!} but for the most part, I’m keeping them as is…  

 Have you ever wondered what your layers are? I’m definitely going to get more interested in mine…{& maybe explore removing some?!} 

Jess x

7 thoughts on “Taking off the extra layer…

  1. See, I’m so glad you shed your layers! And you definitely helped me shed some of mine too, thank you. I’m going to read this post again in the morning to remind myself to leave them at home. So nice to meet you tonight.

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  2. What beautiful cards Jess. And yes, it’s amazing how much you learn about yourself through blogging and “putting yourself out there” – something I’m still not very good at 😉 I hope you enjoyed Blogtacular.


  3. Your cards are beautiful Jess. Strangely I was at the Generator too, so sorry we somehow missed each other there and at the actual conference. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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