Celebrate you! 

Monday’s prompt ‘celebrate’ had us all celebrating the start of the week & Lucy’s midweek roundup this morning was fab! 

@sew_simone @betty_lovesvintage @birdsforme @ridasj
I loved the ‘celebratory’ stories that went along with these images…and if you haven’t read them already, you can pop over to @mymondaymoodboard on Instagram to catch up.
We celebrate favourites every week, but this week’s ‘super fave’ was particularly tricky to narrow down… 


So in the end, I let my heart choose. And this beautiful image just sings celebration! Sarah has a lovely blog: Thimbles and Crumbles. …& I just love that she is sharing her celebration of starting Emily Quinton’s Makelight photography course

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my time using Instagram & starting my blogging adventures…it’s to get brave about investing in yourself.

It really is so very important, not only for bloggers, but for everyone: to learn new skills, explore creativity, discover new ways to express yourself &, perhaps most importantly, to meet fellow ‘investors’. There is something so magical about getting a group of people together in a room to learn/explore/discover/collaborate …something I invest in regularly. 

  So to next week’s prompt…seeing as this week was all about celebrating the six month anniversary of our collaboration, Lucy & I would like to suggest C O L L A B O R A T E 

It absolutely warms my heart that you guys have made friends over this #mymondaymoodboard hashtag & it really is just such a pleasure to scroll through your images & read all the encouraging comments! You guys rock! 

So feel free to interpret & use the prompt as/how you feel. Thank you {as always} for playing along! 

Happy week, 

Jess x

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