Five fancy ways with frames….

Not that I’m against a ‘gallery wall’ with lots of lovely personal photos & images, but, oh my goodness…they are flooding pinterest, and many a family home, right now!  Personally we like to keep our walls calm & ‘quiet’ with just a few select prints & paintings.

But that certainly doesn’t stop us gathering a few fancy frames elsewhere around the home…


Of course, I was tempted to fill each frame with treasured photos, but out of curiosity more than anything, I began to explore other ways to use the frames…

So, following a more traditional approach, and placing them on the mantle, I’m here to offer five different ways to use photo frames. {none of which involve spending hours drilling countless holes in the wall!}

a favourite photo of my little secret garden adventurer
a fresh floral display and a treasured old birthday card print {a girl clutching blossoms} from my brother
a ‘thank you’ print from my dear friend Lucy, and a pretty paper-cut butterfly on some vintage print wrapping paper from Noa Noa {used to wrap my sisters bridesmaid dresses from our wedding 9 years ago}

Creating the fresh flower display was incredibly easy…you’ll just need some regular florist oasis, cut flowers & scissors:


cut oasis just deep enough to fill the frame
soak oasis in water, cut flower stems short to display as you wish

& 3 days later, the sweet Williams were still going strong!

This is a great idea for any old frames with a good depth to them…


I even had a go at displaying a few vines from the garden…but admittedly, they didn’t last as long as the flowers.

I’m tempted to use this idea for Lily’s birthday coming up…my brain is already ticking over which old frames to tinker with! I’m thinking a larger one for a garden picnic could be fun…

Happy creating!

Jess x

I was lucky to have these frames above provided by Laura Ashley, but the ideas of how to use them were my own. 

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