Styling the seasons – June 2015

Styling the Seasons is hosted by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots:
“reflect the change of seasons and show those changes in your own home, by styling any surface with something you like to reflect the new month and what it means to you”.  

In the blush of the evening light, when the heart beat is soft as the sun’s farewell beams, and the spirit melts in the tenderest dreams. {unknown}

  It was so lovely to take a drive around the winding fen roads last night, the light was pure magic sending rays through long grasses, withering cow parsley and nettles. Long, tall, wispy, butterfly loving nettles…oh how I love them.

I’d just finished yoga, so combined with the light I was feeling totally at peace. 

I don’t drive often anymore, but my class is held a few miles outside Ely, I’m always in a rush to get there…usually having just done tea with Lily and playing tag with Ross coming in from work. So I drive the short way.

 But the home journey is always so relaxed. I take the longer route, past our old cottage, winding through the fens, where I pass more cyclists and joggers {in fact not a car along the 7 mile stretch last night} and it reminded me:

Peaceful has not really been a theme this month…

June has been incredibly busy…it’s always punctuated by my birthday, father’s day and a couple of other lovely celebrations. And this year I’ve had lovely blogging events to attend…a reminder of how new {& ever} exciting this is to me.

But peaceful or not, June has been wonderfully jam-packed full of flowers/grasses…now that the British summer is finally here, everything is just blooming! We’ve enjoyed armfuls of flowers on my mantle this month, but the thing that has really got me this June is the wild grass & vines….

We let a whole patch of normal garden grass grow wild in the garden, and it’s just so beautiful…I’d show you a photo, except it’s right by our ugly fence line, but it’s giving me ideas for how to ‘style the garden’ next year.

So despite our crazy hayfever, I couldn’t resist bringing some long stems in to snap these shots & squeeze in a Styling the seasons post for June.

  July looks set to be just as busy for us all…so I’m reminding myself, and hopefully you too, to grab yourself some time out when you can. Lie in the grass, soak up the sun and enjoy the wild around us.

Jess x

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