My Monday Mood Board ~ seasonal favourite 

hello everyone, 

Happy Summer to the north of the globe! Happy Winter to the south! 


poppies by the sea
It’s so lovely to be enjoying summer here in the UK. I couldn’t resist sharing this gorgeous image from my pal Lucy, she’s captured the essence of our English summer perfectly!

And, as ever, the week began with some beautiful seasonal images from everyone on Instagram…


my monday moodboard
@katylivings @live_and_bloom @muffandteacake @helloitsgemma
Lucy shared our midweek roundup this morning…a gorgeous collection of seasonal food images: i don’t think I’m alone in wishing we could all get around a table together & share the above! It would be such fun! In fact, it’s a little wish of mine, that we could organise an actual gathering…I admire how beautifully connected we’ve all become…but more on that another time {but if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to comment below, comment on Instagram or direct message myself/Lucy, we’d be so happy to hear from you!}

This brings me neatly onto our super favourite from Lowri:


summer moodboard

Lowri’s photo & caption to this was so perfect for summer! It lead me over to her latest blog post, which makes for an inspirational read…all about the brilliance of community. I really hope you can check it out! 

oh, and this quote keeps popping up on Pinterest …it’s a perfect little reminder we all need from time to time…

I hope you know you’re capable, brave and significant. Even when it feels like you’re not. {unknown}

You guys rock! Thank you, and if you’d like to know more about @mymondaymoodboard just hop over to Instagram. Everyone is welcome to join in & play along. 

So next week’s prompt: {taking the idea of many being stronger than one} let’s share our images showing MULTIPLE 

Have a brilliant week, and I’ll be back soon!

Love Jess x

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