Painting a bird box – earthborn paints

It’s not often I choose to get messy with Lily…’choose’ being the operative word! We often get messy, chocolate ice cream, ‘watering the plants’, playing with toys…but really getting stuck in paint-all-over-the-place-icky-yucky-mayhem messy is not really our thing.

Earthborn paints bird box So when Earthborn paints sent me a bird box to paint, my mind of course went straight to clean lines, neat strokes, and carefully combining the provided colours {as if creating a room set}. When we first used Earthborn, while renovating our grade 2* listed home {8 years ago}, they had only a handful of colours to choose from. Year on year they have added to their palette and now have a beautiful selection, from which we recently chose; Secret Room, Wendy House and Sunday stroll {aren’t the names delightful?!}

Earthborn paint

Thankfully Lily stepped in & put a stop to my overthinking…’paint mummy, paint’. She’d caught sight of the pretty pots and was grabbing at the brush before I could even finish my ‘before’ shots!

…and then something inside me clicked. She’s nearly 2. She’s super creative, and with beautiful Earthborn {super Eco-friendly & safe} paint in front of me, I realised she could probably do a far better job of it than me! And boy, did we have fun!

Earthborn paint IMG_1268 IMG_1266

Marbling the colours together, painting freely & getting stuck in with fingers and thumbs, we had so much fun! And a very pretty bird box to boot!

bird box

So I encourage you…if you’re thinking of dabbling with Earthborn {and especially if you have kids} grab yourself a few tester pots and get creative on some scrap wood/paper. The colours are beautiful and so safe {and odour-free}.

Have fun! {oh, and be sure to check out how we used up the paint tomorrow…}

Jess x

Ps. If you’d like to see how we used ‘Rosie Posie’ in our living room…click here. 

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